Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Blog with Substance Award

They like me! They really like me! At least Beth at Two Monkeys and A Washtub does. Or at least she likes me enough to give me this award. Not that if you don't give me an award, you don't like me. Unless you don't like me, in which case, why are you reading this? Anyway, yay awards! I have said before, I am lacking in acceptance speech capabilities but I do really appreciate it so much that someone thinks I have substance.

So, this, like any bloggy peer award comes with "rules":

•Thank the blogger who awarded it to you: Check.

Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words:
  1. Theraputic.
  2. Relaxing.
  3. Friendships.
  4. Information.
  5. Community.

Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

Ok, this was really freaking hard.. I have a lot of bloggy friends that don't post regularly so I left  them out. Plus, some of them have a lot of personal stuff (like family and friends blogs) on their pages so I didn't want to include them. I won't be doing this choosy thing again methinks. 

A Ruffle in Time
Cori's Big Mouth
Family Organic
Girls After Dark (18 & up!)
Julie Jabbers
Mommy in Suburbia
That 22 Year Old Housewife
The Adventures of a Blondie Mama
Life of a Daydreaming Mommy

Anyway, that is it for now folks. I'll be back Monday with Music Monday: Guest host!


  1. Congrats on your blog award. I found your blog through Mama's Little Nestwork and I love it. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. I'm your newest follower.


  2. Congrats on your Award!
    And... for thinking about my blog, when considering who to award it too. I'm honored. Thank you.
    I'm on my way to church soon, I will send out my awards later today. I look forward to reading your journey ahead. What a journey its been this week in my house, future post to come! lol

  3. Awww you are soooo sweet! :) Congrats on your award and thank you sooo much for mentioning me also! :) I feel truly honored! I always feel so connected to you when I read your blog! I feel like we live the same life LOL! :) Thanks again friend!! :)

  4. thank you soo much! congrats to you dear :)!

  5. Congratulations! They sure make you feel good don't they? Thanks for visiting Zen Mama!! I'm looking forward to looking through your blog!

  6. Congratulations on the award and thanks for passing it onto me, i feel so honored!!

  7. Thank you so much for thinking of me!


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