Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update on us!

So, in case you haven't figured it out, we are still internet-less. I do most everything on my phone but for some reason I can't find the time to blog lately. Shame on me, I know. Our summer has been lots of fun so far though. We have spent most of our time hanging around the house or at the pool or hanging out with friends. My bestie had a birthday cookout for me a few weeks ago and it was so awesome to just hang out with friends and drink and talk. The kids had a blast and I think the husbands even had a good time, which is fairly rare. We also got to go see the Phantom of the Opera at the Fox theater in the ATL (Thanks, Tommy!). It was so nice to get out in the day time, have a good (uninterrupted) lunch and see a great show. Otherwise we have spent our time just chilling at home, occasionally wandering out front to the playground or trying to make the most of the days T is off from work.

D is a little swimmy fish. He loves going to the pool and has really taken off in the swimming department. He still wears arm floaties but I think by the end of summer he won't need them anymore. He jumps in and goes under water without a worry and has been doing awesome at holding his breath underwater. He spends most of his time doing that or swimming around talking to the random neighbors in the pool. If it was up to him, we would spend all day, every day poolside. We haven't been since he hurt his arm though and I think he is suffering withdraws. He has been carrying his pool noodle around the house for the last two days. Fine, until he starts whacking his mother on the head with it. Then it goes to time out. He is so freaking smart sometimes though it freaks me out. Kid has a mind like a steel trap and remembers the tiniest little details about the most random stuff. Like the names of more dinosaurs than I do. Pretty funny how that is what he has latched onto. Knows all his letters and numbers to 15 by sight too but he really wants to know more about dinosaurs and less about useful stuff. Trains are also a big hit but I thing he figures he knows all he needs to about them because he doesn't ask many questions. Potty training is so two months ago and he doesn't even want our help anymore. Makes me a little sad but I can't tell you how nice it is to not have to change his nasty diapers anymore. I'm still amazed at how stupidly easy he was to potty train, even though he has always been easy about stuff like that.

K is getting big fast here recently it seems. He has been crawling backwards for awhile now, looking back over his shoulders as he goes. It pretty hilarious to watch but he is surprisingly agile that way. He has also become a master at pulling himself up onto anything and everything in the last few months. Which is fine, until he tries to pull up on one of the rocking chairs in the living room and it knocks him backwards onto his butt. He also feels the need to scream like a maniac when he gets up or down. Not sure what thats about. Well, other than the fact its a running joke in the house that he is going go green, rip out of his clothing and turn into the Incredible Hulk one of these days because of his temper. He shakes his tiny fists of fury at us when he thinks he isn't getting something he wants. Which rarely last for more than a couple of seconds and he is back to happy monster. Anyway, in the last week he has figured out the crawling forward thing and he gets extremely excited that he can actually see where he is going. Sometimes so excited that he gets going too fast, flops down on his face and skids across the carpet for a full foot, which usually is followed by a Hulk episode. He is a little chatterbox too, at least compared to how his brother was. He says Mama, Dada, Nana, No, Bruba (brother), Hi, buh-bye and sings Lalalalalalala to music. The rest of the time its pretty much constant babble. He has become our soundtrack to everyday life. Its bad to say, but I am kind of glad he isn't as physical as D was at this age. D did everything early. Made it seem like he grew up SO fast. K has done things early too but not as early as D did. Somehow, it seems like K has been a baby- baby for longer, which is great because he may very well be our last.

Its been fun to watch him and D's relationship continue to blossom this summer too. D gets so excited when he hears K wake up in the morning and goes running into his room where he is met by an enthusiastic squeal from his little brother when he gets there. K has a special squeal just for his brother and it absolutely melts my heart. Add in the random hugs and kisses they give each other and it makes for a very happy mama. No worries about D being jealous of his little brother when he adores him so much. I guess it shouldn't really surprise me. D has always been a very gentle and loving soul. Even though he is so active and physical, he has always been gentle with kids smaller than him. If he does get too rough, its always a miscalculation. The same thing times ten applies with K. He is gentle and sweet and is really good at playing games with him. Of course the same isn't always true with K. He wants to wrestle with his brother like he sees him do with Daddy. Sometimes he just crawls over and tackles D or pulls his hair or kiss attacks him. Even then, D is always very gentle and either hugs him to the ground or walks away. Makes Mama so proud.

So thats us in a nutshell right now. Just hanging around, living. Trying to stay cool in the hot southern weather. We are weighing our options right now as to what we are going to do this fall. Moving or staying, which direction to go with homeschool, what to do for their birthdays, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Stay tuned.

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