Sunday, April 18, 2010


Thats me. Yep, I have officially been too busy to bloggy. So sue me. So lets see, since we last "talked" I can't really remember what all has happened around here so here is whats up right now. K's baptism was today. We aren't religious people but I do believe in dedicating your baby so thats what we did. It was beautiful. K was all fancied up in his little baby tuxedo (complete with tails and a cumberbund) and he did awesome during the ceremony. D liked seeing his brother up on the big screen but wasn't so sure about the crowd so I had to hold him. I didn't even notice the crowd though, just my beautiful little man. When it was over, we all went to lunch and caught up with the few people that came. That was nice too.

After naps and all that jazz we went out and washed the car as a family and that was a blast. D had more fun washing himself than the car though so we ended up having to hose him off and he kept yelling "Sorry Mama!". I guess he thought he was in trouble. Little goober. All was good after he got to jump in the puddles for awhile though. We went to dinner and got ice cream too so he went to bed a happy toddler.

In other news, tonight was the first time ever that D has ever actually eaten an ice cream cone. He has never been much of a sweets kind of kid. He will usually eat a bite of something and then be off to climb and/ or generally terrorize something. Tonight though, he sat and ate his ice cream cone. First he ate the top part off and then ate the cone off the bottom, letting the melting ice cream drip out from both ends all over his lap. So, he got another tubby when we got home. C'est la vie.

This week I have really got to get started planning and packing for vacation. Our little family of four is going to the beach two weeks from tomorrow and I have not done the first thing to start preparing for it. If you know me, thats weird. I am usually a huge planner when it comes to vacations. I would normally be almost packed by this point. I really need to make sure T and I have swimsuits that fit and make sure we have a suitcase that will hold all our stuff and stock up on some snacks for the car and look around for attractions in the area and... ugh. You get the point.

Also this week we have to find something for T to drive. I don't remember if I mentioned it or not but T totaled his car a few weeks ago. Didn't wreck it, just blew up the engine. Turned out the coolant levels he insisted he checked were not actually the coolant levels. If you are keeping track, that is the second car this family has totaled in two months. Yay us? Anyway, he had a work truck for awhile but they needed it back for swarm season and he has been driving my van for work and that is just not working out for me. Being stuck here all the time is not my idea of fun. I am a go, go, go kind of person. We have a couple of different options right now. None of them really ideal but they will get him to work and back (hopefully) and me back in my van for the time being. Top priority I'm telling you.

Speaking of, I have to go Tuesday too and pick up the new remote for my van. See, when we went to pick up D from preschool on Thursday, I made the mistake of setting my keys down on the table to take D to the potty before we left his room and that was the last time I saw them. Came back out, went down to my mothers room, realized they were missing, went back to get them, gone. GONE. We tore that room and every where in between apart. There was one little girl in the classroom when I went to take D potty so we figure she must have run off with them. I called her mother and she said she had not seen them but would "keep an eye out". Which I think is code for "yeah, right. I'm not looking for shit. sucks for you". So, we were either stuck at his preschool for five hours with both boys and no diapers (yay us??) or we could borrow my mothers car, spread the boys out across two houses so they could nap and T could sit with the van. Obviously, we chose the second option. Finally, a locksmith came around and made us our new super duper electronic chipped security specialty key for, I think, about what we paid for the van. Seriously, don't lose your electronic key people. T'was a very long day which ended in getting yelled at by my mother because she got a ticket on the way home from our house for an expired tag. Still not sure how that happened to be my fault, but whatever.

So, anyway, went to the dealership the next day to get a spare key and new remote for the van. Whats power doors and gates with no remote to work them? They ended up taking pity on us and giving us a great deal on two remotes and a key so I guess it worked out in the end. Still have to go pick up the other remote though. And T isn't allowed to touch it. Even though this time it wasn't exactly his fault.

The boys are doing good though. D needs a haircut. Add that to the to do before vacation list I guess. He is what I would call, 95% potty trained. He has the pee thing down pat. He tells us when he needs to go, stays dry except at night and all that. He is finally getting over not wanting to go potty in public though. Actually, he went several times today. He has been just holding it until we got home. The number two thing is trickier though. He just holds it until nap time when we put a diaper on him. The little goober. Its totally a relief to think that soon I won't have to worry about diapers for him anymore. Just the little monkey in diapers.

I decided last week to start home/ unschooling him in the fall too so I have been doing a lot of research and planning for that. He is still signed up for two days of preschool right now too but that may change still. D is very smart and I think he would really benefit from different learning experiences. I decided to wait until fall mostly because I am still of the belief that before the age of three their learning should still be totally natural play based. If anyone has any resources they would like to share, I'd love to check them out!

The little one is getting big too. K is that is. His little personality has really started to shine through in the last few weeks. He is such a little charmer. He has developed what we, around here, call squishy face. D did the same thing at this age. He squishes up his eyes and nose and grins really big. K's addition is the sound he makes when doing it. "Eeeeeeeeeeee" he says. Its too flipping cute. No one he turns it on can resist him. He had been eating like a horse the last few days too so I think he must be growing. He is such a little peanut. I love it. D was a big baby. Always 100th + on the percentiles chart. K is more like about 60-75th so you can imagine how tiny he seems to me. I was always a small baby too though. I got my growth at puberty and outgrew my entire family in like two months. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. Anyway, I think he is just doing the same thing. He is thriving and hitting milestones early so I know he is healthy. Plus, you look at those chunky thighs and now hes all good.

 So thats us right now. This coming weekend there is another Touch a Truck event and I think we are going to try to make it out to that too. First though I have got to get this vacation stuff moving! So, off I go to research. Wish me luck!

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