Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had a fun packed weekend full of activities this
weekend! On Saturday we had a group party with all my mommy friends and their kids. We had lunch and talked while the kids played their little hearts out. D spent most of his time playing in the inflatable jump house that the mommy hosting the party had set up for the kids. Boy loves to play. I'm not even really sure he ate anything the whole time but he definitely had a blast jumping around. K had fun tasting one of my girlfriends little babies all over his head. His little buddy wasn't so thrilled I think.

After we ate lunch, the mommies all went and hid the gazillion Easter eggs on the playground and left the kids with their daddies. There were at least a million eggs, so we mostly ended up throwing them around on the ground . Plus, most of the kids were under three years old so the whole egg hunting thing? Yeah, good luck. So we did our best at hiding the eggs as obviously as possible and then went back to get the kids.

We made them all line up so they could get started at the same time and it was a little like the running of the hounds. All those little bodies took off at once and started getting the eggs and putting them in their baskets as fast as they could. They were way too freaking cute. D was super excited since he had already done an egg hunt twice (the egg drop and his preschool party) and he knew what to do. He still refused to carry his basket though. His "thing" is to gather up as many eggs as he can carry at once and take them to his basket rather than put them in one at a time. He was really having a good time hunting eggs but he was also helping other kids out too and it was so stinking adorable. It totally made my heart melt.

After the kids had all gathered up the eggs, we played on the playground for a bit and then D and us wandered back to the food and jumpy house. After a few minutes though D was getting exhausted and K was getting grumpy in his carrier so we decided it was time to head home. They both actually stayed awake all the way home which really surprised me but of course it was nap time as soon as we got home. I laid down too but couldn't actually sleep.

After nap we took D over to his Nana's house so Tommy, K and I could go out on a little date. We ended up at the OG that T used to work at though so it wasn't so much a date as it was just a dinner out because everyone wanted to catch up and talk. Still though, it was nice to be out and actually be able to talk to T. K just sat in his high chair and made buddies with the kid sitting at the next table over. He tends to make friends everywhere he goes. He is such a friendly little man. After dinner we went and picked D up and went home for bedtime. When we got the kids in bed the Easter bunny filled their baskets and then went off to bed.

This morning we woke up and let the boys check out their baskets. D was excited about his chocolate bunny and thought he wanted that for breakfast but I didn't think that was a good idea since he hadn't eaten well the day before. He was surprisingly okay with that. He played with the playdough and stuff for a bit and figured out the Pez dispenser in record time. Hello! Filled with candy! K, well, he wanted to eat the fake grass in the basket. So, we put his up on the counter. Maybe next year.

We were supposed to have both of our families over for brunch this morning too but the plans changed literally last night to them all coming over tomorrow night. Instead we went to my mother's house for a huge, yummy lunch and then a coma nap on the couch while she watched the boys. The boys both had a blast playing in the floor at her house and K entertained himself for an amazing amount of time chewing on the blocks. It was his mission to taste all of them. We ended up leaving D at my moms (again.) and T, K and I went back to our house to clean and shop for tomorrow. I don't think our house has been this clean since we moved in here. Its fabulous.

So, there you have it. Our Easter activities. Way too much fun and now its so bedtime!

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