Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too Big

Last night, I went in to kiss my boys goodnight before I went to bed just like I always do. K first, then D. They never stir apart from the occasional returned kiss before flopping back down and going back to dreamland.

Today, we got up and were getting ready to leave to get some shopping done. We needed milk so bad I was willing to get out in the cold weather. When I went to button K's pants, they just wouldn't go. He was just too big. Then, D cried when I put his shoes on. Crying they were pinching his toes, which they were, but they didn't when he wore them last weekend.They have both been at that growing thing again.

At nap time, it hit me: My boys are getting big. Big sized and big mature. I just can't believe how much they have grown since their birthdays. It just seems so surreal. When did that happen guys? They were so little. So little and helpless. Just, what, last week? Its like I walked into some kind of twilight zone.

Not a bad twilight zone particularly, but the kind where you wake up and realize you haven't had to raise your voice at them in a few days. They play by themselves and with each other without fighting. Where, you tell them to stop once, and they do. Well, okay, for the most part on that second one.  

They have such strong personalities. D is the independent, free spirit that never lets anything get him down, learning as he plays. K is the attached at the hip kid, always watching what you are doing and always learning so he can copy it later.

They love to play with each other more and more every day too. They play cars together or they snuggle their "baby dolls" and then trade and snuggle each others. They snuggle each other on the couch while watching a movie. If the movie gets scary to D, he pulls K in and kisses the top of his head and tells him "Is okay K, don't be scared". They follow each other around at the playground and make up silly chase games at the house. Games that K always loses because he is short.

Of course they still love to snuggle in with their Mama. They both check in with me on a regular basis if I am not in the floor with them. One right after the other and if one comes, both come. Every time.

Still. Still.Too big. I am not ready for them to be big boys. They are supposed to stay babies forever. I guess they will though. Stay my babies forever that is. My Mama's boys. They are so dynamic. So smart. So big.

Slow down time, I need more of you with my babies!

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