Monday, January 18, 2010

Teeth and Haiti

Sorry I haven't been around much this week. Been on a blog-cation. Not too much going on, just chillin' with my homies and the boys. K has been teething like a mad fiend so he has been extra snuggly and if you have been paying even the least bit of attention you know how much I love my snuggles. His most favorite teether is my hand though and that is sadly coming to an end. He got his first tooth some time overnight last night so soon it will be a bit too painful for him to chew on me like he has been. Shame too because they are always available, he can't drop them in the floor, and they are almost always relatively cleaner than anything in my diaper bag which seems to collect dirt and old crumbs faster than D can drop them in there. I found half a banana in there the other day and couldn't remember the last time I had given him one. Fun right?

I have also spent most of the week in hiding from all things media. The earthquake in Haiti is one of those events that I really can't handle watching unfurl. Too much hurt, too much unfairness and too many hurt babies. It really shakes me pretty bad. Now, don't think I don't care about those people and don't want things to get better for them as fast as possible. I have spent the day trying to figure out how to help the Haitians if we, as a family, can. I just can't emotionally handle all the death and hurt that seem to take precedence in the media surrounding these events. The story is mostly all the same. They just seem to focus so much on the pain and gore that it makes me wonder why those reporters are standing by and watching these children suffer. See that water bottle in his hand? Why not share? If they can get to the places that aid can't, how can they bear to go themselves? Too much for me. Just too much.

Sorry for the heavy. Here is a cute picture to lighten the mood:

Looks like K has found his own teething mechanism.

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