Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"My morning is brightened by the sun that illuminates the outline
Of the most amazing woman that I have ever met.
Laying there so peaceful and so beautiful PERFECT.
My heart flutters and just the sight, I haven't even gotten out of bed yet.

As I walk towards the closet for the clothes I need to wear for work,
I sweet coo comes from the pack and play quite peacefully,
Amazing how small, sweet and beautiful he is, PERFECT.
Trying to cherish every moment that I can, happily,

Trains, Dinosaurs, Sit n spins, guitars, legos, toy mines are everywhere,
I am reminded of my big boy who is so funny and smart,
Full of life, energy and excitement, He is PERFECT.
I dread that I even have to go to work, that we'll have to part.

Once I lock the door behind me, the wind hits my face,
Keys jingling in my hand as I walk to the car,
I think about my family and how we may not be PERFECT,
But I love Them so much, they are Perfect to me near or far."

Never knew T was a poet did you? Do now.

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